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Hays County
Bar Association


Do you practice law in Hays County, Texas? Do you work for a lawyer who does? Or perhaps you are a judge who presides over cases in Hays County. If so, we invite you to join our membership ranks to become fully immersed into our legal association.


We especially welcome YOUNG LAWYERS. We are a growing county that enjoys helping young or new lawyers develop their practice and passion for the law.


Pro Bono opportunities are available through Texas Rio Grande Legal Aide and through Volunteer Legal Services of Central Texas.


Every month we gather to help support our communities through donations to local causes as decided by our membership.


Every December January a new board is elected.

The current board is:


Elaine Brown, President

Jesse Garza, Vice President

Allyssa Lee, Secretary

Alex Thompson, Treasurer

Sarah Neiman, Board Member

Charmaine Wilde, Board Member

Carly Barton, Past President

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