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Legal Handshake

Hays County
Bar Association

Welcome from the President

If you've found your way to Hays County, Texas, then you are in the right place. The Hays County legal community is a tight group of colleagues and friends that have been practicing law together for decades- but we always welcome new professionals to join our ranks and make Hays County a place of justice, safety, and solutions. We hope you enjoy working here anew are here to help make our legal community stronger, smarter, and smoother for the public.

Member Services

Each month we bring members the best in CLE's from across the state of Texas through our lunch-time CLE after our association meeting. If you'd like to present at one of these meetings, please contact us!


Each year we award a scholarship to a local high school student in honor of Judge Terry Jacks and in memory of Tom Garner, a legendary local criminal defense attorney that passed in 2016.

Look for more details in February and March of each year- the scholarship is awarded in April of each year.

Bench Bar

Each year we host a special conference for attorneys and judges to learn and listen to one another over one day. This gives us time away from the courthouse to bond and grow together to make our legal work meaningful and clearer. Please join us at our next conference (must pay conference fees).

Christmas Party

Each year the criminal defense bar division of the Bar Association hosts the Tom Garner Christmas Party in honor of Tom Garner. Tom hosted the best Christmas parties at his law office and we carry forward his spirit of unity and friendship by hosting a Christmas Party for attorneys, staff, and judges.

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